Monday, February 2, 2009

Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Start now and you can show those in your life how much you love them!

For Your Kids
Buy a box of children's valentines and write a sweet nothing on each one. Every day, hide one in a special place that you know your love will find.

Decorate their rooms while they are sleeping with balloons and/or hearts so they are surprised when they wake up.

Fill helium balloons with love notes. When the balloons stop floating, it is fun to pop to get the note inside.

Could it be any cuter than these simple X's and O's cupcakes?

Personalized Stickers to put on your kid's valentines.

For The Kid's Friends

Candy Cane Hearts

Attach a heart shaped cookie cutter to homem
ade playdough!

iPod Valentine - Ours will not be pink, of course!

For Your Friends

Free Printable Teabag Wrapper and Tea TagsPhilosophy Lip Trio
Great treat for nieces, sisters or great BFF's!
Candy hearts contains 3 mouth-watering flavored lip shines
with sweet-nothings written right on the tubes.

Friendship Favor Boxes - Wouldn't these be wonderful with a little petit for inside?
Especially from The Village Confections!

For Your Husband

Since Valentine's Day is on Saturday, you can make breakfast in bed!
Go out for a long romantic drive
When I went looking for love songs that expressed how I feel about my husband, I didn't have to go far. I wanted something that says: "We Belong Together", "I Will Be Here", "I'll Be the Only One", and "With Every Little Kiss I'm More In Love With You!". God created Steven Curtis Chapman to write songs that say exactly how I feel about my hubs... it is All About Love!
Speaking of romantic? Rekindle romance with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong CD for Lovers from iTunes.
Leave a small gift hidden in some corner of home with clues to its where about.
Go Dancing together.
Write a sincere, wonderful love letter.
Give him a nice massage.
Take a long walk holding each other's hands

Send your cards to Romeo and Juliette − Romeo, MI, and Juliette, GA, that is. Cards sent to Romeo, MI, will receive a special Romeo and Juliet postmark. Place each card in a larger envelope with your return address and proper postage. Address the envelope with the card that needs a Romeo postmark to: Postmaster, Romeo MI Valentine Remailing, Romeo, MI, 48065. Address the envelope with the card that needs a Juliette postmark to: Postmaster, Juliette GA Valentine Remailing, Juliette GA 31046. The deadline for receiving cards in Romeo and Juliette is usually one week before Valentine’s Day. If you are running out of time, consider sending the larger envelope priority mail to get it there faster.


Sharon said...

Thank You these are really great ideas, I love the cupcakes, great to use for church, and I love the tea bag idea.
Thanks for sharing these ideas
have a terrific week

Dr. Wifey said...

thanks for sharing those adorable ideas!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I'm boycotting Valentines this year. The girls will be with their Dad and i can't see Mr. B... so... I'm going to hide until 2/15

i'm black betty said...

you had me at cupcake...

From the Doghouse said...

Wish my kids were in your kids' classes!

K Storm said...

Those Village Confections petit fours are so yummy. Perfect Valentine treat!

Carrie said...

What awesome ideas! I just hope I can get my motivation up to do something before it's too late! I'm feeling rather lethargic these days. blaaaaaaaah

HEATHER said...

Very cool ideas!
I love those stickers!

Shelby said...

I love these ideas! And I even still have time to do some of them! You rock!