Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Official Loud Mouth

I had lunch yesterday with Dr. Wifey, K Storm and Supermom. I was so excited about getting to see Dr. Wifey again and meeting Supermom. K and I go to church together but we never get to sit down and just chat.

We planned to meet at "Cheddars" for lunch. I didn't even know that restaurant existed. That place was packed. The entire foyer and spilling into the walking area of the dining area. It was crazy. With the exception of the obvious noise level, we enjoyed chatting while waiting for our table. It was just light conversation, but once we got our table?

To quote Emeril... BAM! We kicked it up a notch. I can summarize it in one word: laughter (and lots of it)! We talked about all kinds of things. Kids, work, school, church, growing up, etc... but all of it was punctuated with laughter.

Apparently there was some people behind us who gave us "the look" because of our laughter. I had my back to the rest of the dining room so I didn't see them, but Supermom told me last night through Facebook. So I guess it is official. I am the Loud Mouth of the bloggers.

Oh bother! (I could do it again today!) hee hee

P.S. If you go to "Cheddars", try the carrots. I could eat an entire bowl of those right now. Yummy!


mayberry said...

Glad y'all had a good time! Cheddars is a yummy place - and I've only been there once!

Carrie said...

WOOP!! I bet I could've whooped your butt though with the loudness thing! " ) I didn't earn my high school nickname for being quiet--Mouth.

I'm so jealous! But I'm glad you guys got to hang out together!!

From the Doghouse said...

That sounds like a fun time!

Dr. Wifey said...

i had a wonderful time with some of my favorite bloggers! can't wait to do it again :)

K Storm said...

It is a loud place! No harm in having fun! For the first time to meet in person, I was a little nervous to begin with, but we are so used to pouring out our lives in narrative, it was nice to actually discuss things!! I can't wait for another lunch!

Supermom said...

I TOLD you...they jus' be jealous! Both tables were like ZOMBIES! Why live life so boring?

I love your laugh! Laugh away!

(p.s. they were giving ME the eye cause I was acting a fool.... sue me. ) :)