Monday, February 2, 2009

Make 3D Glasses

My boys love the show "Chuck". Tonight they are having a 3D episode, but we didn't have any 3D glasses.

You know what this spells?.... OPPORTUNITY!

The boys thought it was more than cool when I told them that we could make our own 3D glasses.

Supplies You Need:
an old pair of sunglasses
transparency paper
1 blue Sharpie marker
1 red Sharpie marker

Pop the lens out of the sunglasses and trace around the lens to make new ones out of transparency paper. If you are like my boys and wear glasses, use your existing glasses and trace around the lenses to make transparency lenses (just DON'T pop out the lenses - Ha!). Color one transparency "lens" red and one blue.

Be sure to put the blue lens on the left eye and the red lens on the right eye. (It makes a difference.)

Wasn't that easy?


Dr. Wifey said...

wish i had seen this earlier - Chuck is on right now! LOL

Veggie Mom said...

Wish I'd had a pair of homemade 3-d glasses for those crazy commercials last night. Thanks for the tip!

Deidra said...

What a smart mommy you are! : )

Shelby said...

Will you be my mom? You are so cool!

Jane Blogs said...

Such a great idea!

I went running around to try & buy some last

Grumpy20Something said...

Sorry but that tip so did not work, a nice idea but didnt work,

Anonymous said...

chuck needs blue and yellow glasses not red and blue