Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Winter Jam

We went the weekend in Birmingham.      Hubs and the boys go to the Winter Jam concert every year and that is where it was being held this year.     They love Toby Mac, NewSong, Tony Nolan, Family Force 5 and so many of the other groups and tickets are only $10 so it is a given that they are going.     We called our long time friends in Atlanta and asked if they wanted to meet us for the weekend.      When they said, "Yes" we knew that it was going to be not just a good weekend, but a GREAT weekend.

I can't tell you how good it felt to see my friend Saturday morning.     When they arrived at the hotel,  we all went to give everyone hugs and Sheri said, "It is just like seeing my sister."    Talk about a warm welcome.

Our friends moved next door to us when Big Guy and Big S were only little guys.      The Little Princess was a toddler.     Not only did our boys become fast friends but so did Sheri and I.    Our doors were never locked and we never even thought about knocking.      Our husbands knew where to look if we weren't home.

We were so sad when Curtis's job moved him to Atlanta, but I am so glad that our friendship has remained strong.

Speaking of husbands, Sheri and I have the best ever.     They took all the kids to the concert which meant she and I got to literally shop until we dropped Saturday night.       We left at 4:30 and didn't come back until after midnight.     I took this picture of them walking through the park on Sunday afternoon carrying our purses (or luggage as the guys called them) and all the water bottles as we chased the kids.     Aren't they the two cutest guys?
On Sunday we asked the kids what they wanted to do and they just wanted to find a park.     We found one and they played for hours.   
When I tried to get Big Guy up for school yesterday morning he said, "Please don't make me open my eyes.   If I open my eyes I will have to admit that the weekend is over and the week is really here."    
Exactly the way I felt too.    We are all counting the days until we see our friends again!


Dr. Wifey said...

so glad you had a good time with your friends! and your purse, i have one just like it - well, just a little smaller :)

HEATHER said...

Sounds wonderful!

K Storm said...

Good weekend! Love TobyMac!!

Taylor & Krisa said...

So glad you had a good time!

Amy W said...

How fun! And to have wonderful weather. I'm sure you will savor the memories.