Friday, February 13, 2009

Sign The Petition

The final passage of the Stimulus Bill is set for vote TODAY and no one has seen the bill!   The Conservative Underground is for the Bill to be posted on the Internet for 1 week with a summary of all spending.   

Somehow that doesn't seem unreasonable considering the final version of the bill termed The Economic Recovery Package will cost $789 Billion, with interest over $1 Trillion.   

And they want us to pay all this back WITHOUT seeing it.    We have a right to see this!



Veggie Mom said...

It's amazing how much "money" is available to spend when the politicians want to spend it. It think they're just up there printing it in the basement of the Capitol, don't you? Boggles the mind!

i'm black betty said...

how are you feeling today???

Amy W said...

I signed the petition and passed on the link. How much do you know about this organization?