Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Budding Architects

The boys asked to study architecture this semester.      I am going to be making a huge post of all the great links and books I have found (so far) for our studying, but I thought I would post one of their first projects.

I found these two puzzles in a clearance bin at Pier 1.     It said they only had about 40 pieces a piece which I thought was going to be way too easy for them.   However, these were tough puzzles.    I am not sure if there was an age suggestion on the box, but we definitely got our $4 worth out of these.

On the back of the box was a great historical description of each structure which was a great jumping-off point for their research.    

Excuse the bad pics.    These were taken with my phone because my camera is missing (that is another post).

Little Guy with his Eiffel Tower model

Some of his research challenges for the Eiffel Tower
*  Discover the names of French scientists and mathematicians that were placed on plaques in the Tower more than 100 years ago.
*  Find and visit the official site of the Eiffel Tower

*  List the main features of the Eiffel Tower
*   How far is the Eiffel Tower from our house?
* Draw the Eiffel Tower in your art journal

Big Guy with his Leaning Tower of Pisa

Some of his research challenges for the Leaning Tower
 *  Find and visit the official website
*  What is the legend of Galileo and the leaning tower?
*  Why hasn't the Leaning Tower fallen?
*  What is the "absolute" location?
*   Identify some of the functions of the Leaning Tower
*  How far is the Leaning Tower from our house?
*  How much does it weigh?
Draw the Leaning Tower in your art journal

Both boys must complete the Hands On Bridge Building Project.   They will be working together.  I can't wait to post photos of that!


Jenn said...

Those are great,my oldest daughter use to love doing them ..mostly the castle ones.

i'm black betty said...

those are awesome! :)

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Patti Lacy said...

Your guys are amazing! All I remember is Legos! (Of course, this was, what over a decade ago)


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Very cool!!!

Dr. Wifey said...

your boys are just so smart and well-rounded!