Monday, January 4, 2010

Keep The Doctor Away

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!     Isn't that what we have been told?     Well, this calendar will definitely keep the kids on track.      The goal is simple:   Every day when you eat your apple you peel off the variety sticker and place it on the calendar.       There are so many delicious varieties to try.    Gala, Rome, Arkansas Black, Granny Smith....

I wish this calendar weren't sold out when I found it on Etsy or I definitely would have ordered it for my boys.    I can't wait to get my email notification that it is back in stock.    

Whether you order the calendar or not, eating an apple a day is not a bad idea.    Apples have great health benefits like:
Low in calories
Low in fat
Contains fiber
Good source of vitamins and minerals
High water content
Great for detoxifying the body

Maybe I should add that to my "challenge list"? 


Shelby said...

I like apples myself but I'm of the red delicious variety... maybe a golden delicious now and again. My mom swore by Fuji (or is it Fiji, I forget...) apples! She ate them all the time.

Learning to eat and appreciate a variety of types of apples would make a great challenge!

Patti Lacy said...

So very cool! I chop up a salad with fresh cranberries, an apple, two oranges (with peel), and ginger root. Does that count?