Saturday, March 6, 2010

Homeschooling for the Rest of Us

Wonder how others do it all?
Not sure you're cut out for homeschooling?

It's time to break a myth: Homeschooling families aren't perfect. In fact, real-life families like yours can be--and are--successful homeschoolers! That's the life message of Sonya Haskins, who is dedicated to helping everyday families meet the challenges of home education and enjoy its countless benefits.

In this practical, encouraging guide, Haskins shares tried and true ideas for how to:

*Discover a realistic vision of homeschooling for your family
*Help your child get excited about learning
*Find a routine that fits your goals and lifestyle
*Nurture a biblical worldview in your child's heart and mind
*And much more

Whether you are already homeschooling or just considering it, this book offers the support, answers, and flexible strategies to help you succeed.

Book Review
We are almost through with our first year of homeschooling.     "They" say that the first year is the hardest.    I am praying that is the truth because I feel like I must have been doing about everything wrong.     We have changed our schedule about three times trying to find one that fits our family.    We changed our math program halfway through the year because the boys just weren't learning what they needed.     We got involved with our co-op only to realize that you could be involved every day of the week if you weren't careful. 

Finding Sonya Haskins' book was such a welcome drink of water for this homeschooling newbie.     I really appreciated the fact that she does not hold up her family as the standard to follow as the model.    She encourages you to find what works for your family.     She gives you encouragement and suggestions in the area of schedules, budget, academics, dealing with nosy friends and family, issues specific to homeschooling, socialization, and addressing the needs of each child.   

While I can see this book as being a valuable resource for someone whether they are thinking about homeschooling, a newbie or a seasoned homeschooler.     I am especially glad to receive this as a newbie about to embark on our second year.      It will definitely help me smooth some of the rough edges and make what has been an enjoyable experience something even more exciting for our entire family.

In addition to Sonya's book, I intend to add her website ( to my RSS reader!

This book provided for review by Bethany House Publishers.


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