Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Is... PE

Did I just say PE?   During Spring Break?    I did.    The boys are in training for the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.     The test date is set for April 5th so our PE coach said that we would not take off Spring Break.    She said come if you could.    We did.

This is no whimpy test.     There is a one mile run.    You can't just run it.   You have to meet the time requirements:  Big Guy has to run it in 7:11 or less and Little Guy has to run it in 8:48 or less.

Next are pull-ups.   5 for Little Guy and 7 for Big Guy.

Next up is the shuttle run...  in 11.1 seconds for Little Guy and in 9.8 seconds for Big Guy.

How far can you stretch?   Both boys need to reach a minimum of 31 cm on the sit and reach board.    

And then the dreaded sit ups.     40 for Little Guy and 50 for Big Guy

These are great workouts and the time at the park is really great.    Plus we have gotten to know some of the kids from our home school co-op even better too which has been fun.


Shelby said...

Okay, Mom, how much of all that can YOU do?

The run? I'd be a puddle of ooze.

Pullups? I nearly peed my pants from laughing just thinking of it!

I can rock some situps so I'm good there but 40???

Shelby said...

PS I forgot to say that in my new push for fitness, I think this is completely awesome. Good for the Guys, Big and Little.

Shelby said...
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Kristen said...

Good for the PE teacher! It's great when teachers go the extra mile for their students. I hope your guys pass with flying colors.

Deanna said...

Oh, Shelby, they skunk me at all of this. I am just glad they encourage me when I know that it has to crack them up to watch me.

Kristen, Marilyn is awesome! I am so glad she is in our homeschool co-op!