Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still No "Ace"

Little Guy and I finished our cake decorating class.    We had a blast despite the pounds of icing that I had to make in that  month long period.       Decorating the cakes was nothing compared to trying to keep up with making all the types of icing we had to have for each class.     For that reason alone I am kind of glad that we are finished.

We had to make a cake for our "final".     Little Guy and I were allowed to make our cake together.     We had to make a cake that was two layers, iced in the middle.   Flat on the top (some people really struggled with this).      It had to have at least four icing colors and use at least four techniques.      

Our cake looks simple, but it took us almost two hours to complete.    Both Little Guy and I loved our bumble bee and hated our butterfly.    Live and learn.    

For now we are celebrating the end of our class.... with CAKE!


Patti Lacy said...

You are SOOO amazing!! What CAN'T you do?

Such fun with those boys! I remember having my two learn to cook three from-scratch meals each summer.

Daughter has taken that cooking seed and planted it. Son? Time will tell! (GRIN)


K Storm said...

I like it!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Well it looks pretty awesome to me! I bet that in spite of the work, you guys really enjoyed the class. I know I would enjoy eating the tests and projects :)

Angela said...

My goodness that doesn't look simple at all but just gorgeous..Simple is what I do,,lol...Beautiful job...

Mom of 2 said...

You are truly amazing, I see the smile in your heart and the peace in your spirit, for these are the things I will miss on Mondays the most. You have faced every challenge we gave you with a smile and a giggle, and that's something we can't even do most days. Your spirit is contagious and I will be so sad to see Mondays go by now. They will just be Mondays now. You have made such a difference. You have touched us with your laughter and your upbeat attitude. Your Boys are SO Blessed.. but I bet I don't have to tell them that do I?