Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Viking Cooking School Giveway Continues

Have you entered my Viking Cooking School Giveaway?    What are you waiting for?     You have the chance to win a hands-on cooking class valued at $99!      Go here to post your entries.

Did you see Julie and Julia?    I did and I LOVED that movie.  Join this class and you could be making this:

If you saw the movie you know this is Boeuf Bourguignon.      Mmmmm.     Think of how impressive you will be when you master the techniques of French cuisine.      I wonder if they will teach us to talk like Julia too?

Some of us keep saying we need a Girl's Night Out.    This class is screaming our name!

The description literally says to escape to the islands to relax and unwind!     Ahhhh.... and with that dessert?   Sounds perfect to me.    You know what else sounds perfect?   The fact that a part of every class tuition from this class goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation here in Jackson.

As much as I love to each fish, I am horrible at cooking it.     Worse than horrible which is a shame considering how much we all love to eat it.
This class teaches you how to determine the freshness of fish; select fresh fish; store fish; preparing the grill; creating crusty grill marks; turning fish without tearing; and determine doneness.    This is definitely going to the top of my "to take" list!

You can keep browsing all the great cooking classes at Viking Cooking School here.   Don't forget to go here to enter our GREAT Viking Cooking School Giveaway!


Wanda M said...

It says "go here" but I don't see where to go! Thanks.

Wanda M

Deanna said...

Sorry about that! I linked it up in the post so now if you click "go here" it will actually go!