Friday, May 30, 2008

Avoiding Laundry

Laundry is not my boy's favorite thing to do. So when I pulled the load out of the dryer and told them to join me on the floor folding, I knew I wasn't Mom of the moment. However, things have to be done. With three of us on the job it took all of three minutes. (Whew, life is hard!)

I sent them to their rooms with instructions to put away their laundry away. A while later I noticed that little guy was looking a little funny. A little padded in the bottom area. When I asked him what was going on he just grinned.

When I asked again he burst out laughing and said, "I have on six pairs of underwear!"

Apparently in a six year old's mind it is easier to WEAR all the underwear than just put them in the dresser drawer.


Dr. Wifey said...

haha i hate laundry too! i have thought about having kids so i would have some help (j/k, of course)

Deanna said...

They can be very creative with their help!

From the Doghouse said...

My son did this with pull-ups when he was about two; he looked like a mermaid. So, it's not just your son!

Sara said...

Those boys are such a hoot!

HEATHER said...

OH lawdy!! That's a hoot!
PS-Have you ever added bacon crumbles to the Redneck Potatoes?

Deanna said...

Sara: Just wait - you have one about to arrive. Boys see thing in a whole new way! SOOO FUN!

Doghouse: Whew! Glad I have company!

Heather: You improved on "nasty good"? Ha! I am going to have to try that.