Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One Day Down... Two To Go

Day One of MCT testing is finished. I proctored in a fourth grade classroom. Sweet kids, but of course, I adore all of the kids at my son's school. I asked my son how he felt after the test was over and he said he felt like it wasn't too hard.

I have no idea how the test was since I wasn't taking it. The kids seemed to be taking their time. It was the reading portion of the test so taking your time and reading everything is a good thing.

I think day one went smoothly with the exception of having to wait for everyone to get their tests. The bell rings at 7:40 and we did not receive the "GO" until 9:00. Some of our kids had fallen asleep at their desks from waiting. I wish they would let us go ahead and start when we received the tests, but that is not how they do things at this school.

One day down... two to go.


From the Doghouse said...

My third-grader made it through the first day OK as well. She seems to be taking it seriously too; she turned down a trip to the store last night so she could go to bed early to rest up for today's version.

Deanna said...

I don't know about your daughter's school, but at our school they make it sound like a life/death experience.

Felicia said...

Alyssa seemed confident in her day 1 MCT work and in good spirits this morning.I am monitoring a 3rd grade class this year. First 2 days haven't been bad, I know the students in the class and they seemed to be relaxed, some a little too relaxed. One more day, MATH!