Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Got an ark?

Our backyard is flooded. What is worse is the fact that our house sits up the hill from our neighbor's house so consequently they are really flooded. The water is up to their deck and with much more rain it is going to be in their house.

We have complained about this problem to the City of Ridgeland about this problem before. As a matter we are waiting on the City to come out right now and look at our yards now.

We have a suspicion as to the source of this problem but right now we just want the problem repaired.
My boys don't think this is a problem at all.... they are searching for their boogie boards!


Photog-Mama said...

I had this problem when I lived in Brandon. After about 2 2.5 years, our neighbor threatened to sue our builder and they fixed it for us.

Dr. Wifey said...

good thing your house is on a hill!