Monday, May 19, 2008

Graduation from Boot Camp

"Tomorrow I graduate from boot camp, Mom." said my big guy.

We sat in silence as we let the words sink in. Three years. Three years in "boot camp". No, he isn't in the military. That is just the knickname he and his friends have given the school they attend.

March here. March there. Don't talk. Don't breathe. Fun? That word is not allowed. You can have fun when you go home. You are here to learn, soldier!

Sounds harsh, but it is true. We adore the teachers and I am in love with the kids. It is just that the top administrator does not exactly put "pal" in principal. Until that changes these teachers and future students are destined to keep attending school boot camp style. Or as one teacher told me, "hell on earth."


Sandi said...

Yikes. What happened to the concept of "make learning fun"?

From the Doghouse said...

That's bad when the teachers feel the same way. Then the good teachers leave for other jobs and you're left with bad teachers in a bad situation.

K Storm said...

I know that many people in leadership feel the need to present a "tough exterior" to keep order and sometimes that is necessary. It must be hard to achieve the balance between seriousness and fun.

Deanna said...

If there were a balance I would be able to understand. However, there is no balance. Only an atmosphere of fear and intimidation for both students and teachers. Teachers and parents both have tried to plead with higher up administration for help with this situation for several, but for some reason we have gotten no help at all.

Felicia said...

Ouch!I didn't realize it was like boot camp.I'm glad for Todd that's its over and I'm sure he's looking forward to the next level.