Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hi! I'm Deanna and I'm Addicted To Books

I went on that much needed shopping trip yesterday. I ran to SAMS to stock on the things that seem best bought on a megawarehouse. Eggs, butter, toilet paper and chocolate syrup. While there the boys always want to browse the video games and I always want to look at the books.

One caught my eye and despite my normal policy, I bought it. (I figured standing there reading it for 10 minutes meant it was worth reading.) It is "Lord, Save Us From Your Followers". As the cover states, author Dan Merchant explored why the Gospel of Love is dividing America. He wanted to know when people moved from developing relationships to a bumper sticker mentality. He even has an entire chapter in the book on faith based bumper stickers.

"God spoke and Bang It Happened."
"Are you as close to Jesus as you are to my bumper?"
"God created Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve."
"This Fish Won't Fry. Will You?"

His question is this. Do the drivers of the cars think this absolves them of actual face to face witnessing and what real message does this send to the world?

The answers he puts forth in this book are really fascinating!!!


From the Doghouse said...

And what message does it send when you have that on your car and then drive like a demon-possessed person?

donald said...

Sounds like an interesting book.. What does it say about people that don't put bumper stickers on their car..

Deanna said...

I think there is an entirely different book for people who won't put bumper stickers on their cars. Ha!

K Storm said...

Oooo...I may have to put that book on my list.