Saturday, June 7, 2008

Agony in the Dark

In the dark you sit on my lap.
Your legs dangle almost the entire length of mine.
I feel your warm breathe against my neck
And occasionally a whimper of pain escapes your lips.
I resist the urge to kiss your forehead as I know this only
increases the pain of the migraine you are suffering.
So instead I kiss your fingertips which are intertwined with mine
hoping that conveys the depth of my love in this moment.
I would climb any mountain, pay every dime I have,
suffer any amount of pain just to take away these migraines.
For now we sit in silence performing the ritual we have
perfected in many migraines before, you sitting still,
holding my hand as I rub small gentle circles on your back.


HEATHER said...

Have you noticed any common foods that trigger these migraines? I have them too, I know the pain.
You know some cheese is a trigger, as are MSG, chocolate, red wine, sometimes the sulfites like in bacon.
MSG seems to be my personal nightmare trigger.

Felicia said...

Poor Big Guy. I didn't know he was still suffering with those pesky migranes. Hope he's better.

A. Boyd C. said...

That's so sweet, and so familiar from my own childhood. There were times when I really thought the headaches might kill me.

You're doing all you can do by holding him, and it does help, but God, does it hurt.

Heather's right, cheese can be a big trigger. I loved cheese as a kid but some cheeses would really set off my headaches.

My dad loved the Primos family and was always so proud to get us Primos hamburgers.

I would cry, "but Daaaddy! there's something wrong with the cheese they use, it hurts me!"

My dad thought I was just being a difficult kid, he knew I ate cheese all the time. I didn't understand why this cheese in particular was bad either, but just the smell of it would start a migraine.

Pop Primos was great about it though. "We makka you one with NO cheese!" and he did too, and for being a good boy he'd bring me a gingerbread man for dessert.

The new Primos restaurants still make gingerbread men, but no big juicy Primos burgers. It's a shame.

Deanna said...

Big Guy has outgrown his migraines and now it is Little Guy who is having them. I guess both boys inherited their migraines from their Daddy. The pediatric neurologist said that once the boys hit puberty they would probably go away (puberty makes migraines better for boys -- worse for girls!). So far that is true for Big Guy. Little Guy has quite a few years.

I will definitely have to pay more attention to what he ate before the migraines start. I don't remember him eating cheese, but I will start paying more attention. I know that chocolate will do it for me.

Thanks so much for all your suggestions. I hate to hear that anybody suffers from migraines. AWFUL!

A. Boyd C. said...

Sometimes, it's hard for adults to tell what caused it but listen to your little guy, sometimes the sufferer can tell what's causing it.

One horrible summer, watermelon of all things gave me blinding headaches. Thankfully that didn't last.

Miss Mud Puddle said...

Sorry. I know they can be a pain!