Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Puzzle Is Complete Again

The boys just got back from the beach with my parents, aka Nana and Papa. They had so much fun. My parents kept them busy with swimming, going to the beach, to the movies, crab hunting and just having lots of fun. I tucked the boys into bed with chapters from new books that we bought them this weekend. They were so exhausted I don't think they even listened to their nightly music.

While the boys were gone, hubby and I had the time for ourselves. We were married seven years before Big Guy came along so you would think that we would be old pros at being a couple, but it has been eleven years since we were "just" a couple. It is amazing how out of practice you get.

After the boys drove out of the driveway we headed to see our friends whose son is in the P.I.C.U. at Blair E. Batson. We had been wanting to do that for days but couldn't since we had the boys. Their son, Matthew, and our son are friends and we adore him. He has been in the P.I.C.U. since they intubated him a week ago. Thankfully today they took him off the respirator. I don't think any of us who know Matthew will ever say that our kids "just" have a virus again.

Hubs and I pretty much are simple people. I say simple when other people might say boring. But we had such a fun weekend and it reminded us how competitive we are with each other:

* Playing S.O.S. on the paper tablecloth while waiting for a most delicious Italian dinner.
* Going to the swimming pool and challenged each other to a treading water contest, then collapsed on the chairs to soak up some sun and read our new books
* Hubby letting me browse several book sales (or as he would say -- feed my addiction!)
* Watching THREE movies uninterrupted snuggling in the same chair
* Hubby turned on the television and never once glanced at a cartoon channel - Ha!
* Eating ice cream
* Going shopping -- nothing for the boys
* Laughed ourselves silly over jokes that only the two of us would understand
* Cooking supper together and then playing Scrabble
* My favorite -- hubs driving through the car wash as an excuse just to kiss me!!

What a great weekend! The boys made memories with their wonderful Nana and Papa and hubby and I made memories together.

It was great, but we are so glad they are home and sleeping in their beds. Our puzzle isn't complete unless we are all home together!


Supermom said...

Wow... that sounds like an awesome weekend!!

Dr. Wifey said...

My hubby and I are the same way..."boring" is good, as long as we are together :)

mayberry said...

Awww! That is so sweet!

Felicia said...

I guess we're boring as well. Alyssa spent a week with my parents during our 10th Anniversary last month and we did much of the same. We enjoyed each other but missed our girl a lot.

K Storm said...

Sounds great.

Deanna said...

Wifey - That is us. We don't care what we do or don't do as long as we are together.

Fe - A week without Alyssa? I hope Eric took some time off from work!