Monday, June 9, 2008

Mirror, Mirror... What Do You See?

If you haven't spent countless hours reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" to your children, then this crazy posting will probably not make much sense to you. Otherwise, you will understand my sing-song writing. Hours of Eric Carle has warped my mind!!

Mirror, mirror what do you see? Is that a grey eyebrow staring at me?
Grey eyebrow, grey eyegrow waving wild and free. What do you see?
I see a pair of tweezers hiding under the sink.
Tweezers, tweezers under the sink. What do you see?
I see a pair of hands grasping frantically for me.
Pair of hands, pair of hands. What do you see?
I see a crazy woman muttering about being 40.
Crazy woman, crazy woman. What do you see?
Nothing! Where are my glasses??