Thursday, June 19, 2008


No offense to news reporters, but they just can't seem to tell the difference between what is and isn't news. Let me offer some suggestions:

This IS news....
... the terrible devastating floods in Iowa.
... the Darfur conflict and the humanitarian relief efforts for the 2.5 million displaced people there.
... the upcoming Presidential election and their candidates' policies.
... fragile oil issues and resulting gas price increases.
... the $162 million war funding bill that just passed the House.
... parents abusing their children by hiding them in basements or tying them to trees.
... that China buried a U.S. P.O.W. after denying it for years and years.

This is NOT news (entertainment, but NOT news)...
... the clothing that Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain are wearing each day.
... the dude from Star Trek deciding to marry his gay partner.
... the Spears' sister new baby.
... that David Beckham unveiled his underwear line in San Francisco.
... or even Tiger Woods having a season ending surgery.

Guess which section received more coverage this week? All I know is that I watch a LOT of news and I can tell you where Michelle Obama's dresses come from, where the baby was born and everything about Tiger's surgery and you probably can too.

What can you tell me about the Darfur conflict?


HEATHER said...

Amen sister Deanna!
I am so tired of Britney and the other one.

Supermom said...

And what about the ridiculous coverage of Obama and Michelle's "bump". *rolling eyes*

black betty said...

i'm sorry, but Beckham is freakin' hot...but, i digress. you're right. they get off track WAY TOO much!!! i'm sick of the spears girlz...

Miss Mud Puddle said...