Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Is The Second Most Requested Item By The Troops?

Today the boys and I went to Lifeway to pick up a book. While we were there the clerk told us that we could purchased a Bible for $4.99 to send to the troops as a part of Operation Worship. We were told that Bibles were the second most requested item with candy being the number one. We were proud to purchase a Bible as a way to support the men and women who are so selflessly serving our country.

Little Guy sat down and wrote the following message in the front of our Bible:

Thanks for risking your life for us.
Thanks for fighting to keep us safe.
Thanks a lot.

If you are over near Lifeway, why not stop in and spend $4.99 to support our troops!

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black betty said...

that is awesome! good for you!