Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Special Friendship

Doesn't Little Guy And Star look cozy with their feet up to the fire?    That kind of describes their friendship.   Cozy and comfortable.    Despite their age and gender difference, they have always gotten along so well.   

Star loves to cook just like Little Guy.     Can you say winner/winner chicken dinner?

Look how gorgeous Star is?    I'm just thinking that arranged marriages might not be such a bad thing!     Getting Star for a daughter-in-law.....


i'm black betty said...

lovin' the fireplace pic. that is too cute!!! she is a very beautiful girl. :) xoxo

merry christmas to you and yours. xoxo

K Storm said...

Cute! Oh, I am so in favor of arranged marriages...we've had a verbal arrangement with some friends for years!! Ha Ha!