Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Gingerbread Dream Houses

Making gingerbread houses is one of our favorite things during the Christmas season.   This year our friends were here from Atlanta and they got to make one too.    They had never made gingerbread houses before, but they said they would definitely be making them again!   

Because we use our houses as part of our Christmas display, we hot glue them together so that they will be sturdy.    Don't worry.... there is PLENTY of candy to eat.

After the houses are assembled, the kids went to work.     All four kids had their own approach and their own ideas.    Personalities were definitely apparent!

After several hours of icing, decorating and creating, they finally proclaimed their houses finished.   

Our friends loved making these gingerbread houses, but they were REALLY excited when we told them about our New Year's Eve tradition with the gingerbread houses.       We stuff them full of fireworks and blow them up!      

I am not sure if it was all the sugar they had eaten or just the thought of using explosives to destroy something... but all the kids were giddy at the promise of New Year's Eve!!

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HEATHER said...

Explosives are always fun!! ;-)