Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who Is Better Than Santa?

Uncle Randy! That is who! Why? Well, for starters, Uncle Randy is real and Santa is... um... well, I won't go there.

But, anyway, let's just say when I hung up the phone and told the boys that Uncle Randy had just called to say he was going to be coming by the boys said, "How long?" They love it when he is here. So do I.

Little Guy wanted to do something special so he asked if he could make him a cake. How could I say no to that?    He got a little frustrated when he realized he was going to have to present it to him in the cake pan.    (He thought that was totally uncool.)

But, Uncle Randy was so sweet and appreciative that it didn't matter after a few minutes.

Besides.... after a few minutes a big chunk of it was gone.     It was yummy!

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