Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Tradition Part 2

New Year's Eve may mean partying to a lot of people, but for me it always makes me think of how God has been with me during the previous year.      My hubs and I have become even more grounded in our faith during the past 17 months.     We have learned through the test of fire that God will never leave us or forsake us no matter who else does.    

One of our New Year's Eve traditions since we were married is to purchase a new devotional book to use for the following year.     When our boys were born we began buying devotional books for them as well.      We want to emphasize to them how important daily time with God is so that when the trials of life comes they are standing on the Solid Rock.

Because I review books for publishers, two of my devotional books were sent to me for preview for free this year.   

The book my hubs and I will be using...

The Love Dare challenged individuals to love their spouse more. Closer shows wives and husbands how to grow that love together. Introduced with Scripture verses and engaging stories, these 52 devotionals will inspire couples to draw closer through faith conversations--those quiet talks so vital for emotional and spiritual intimacy in a marriage. Guided, practical action steps round out each reading. 
The devotional book for Little Guy...

What's the name of the first car Henry Ford built? Why do we say "o'clock"? Which American candy was named after somebody's daughter? Pairing fun facts with Scripture verses and biblical truths, this delightful daily devotional will entertain, teach, and keep your kids growing in the Lord.

Big Guy is starting the year out with a combo...

You may never have to make the ultimate sacrifice, but you are called to daily give up something of this earthly existence to pursue the amazing life Jesus promises to His followers. Ryan Dobson shatters common misconceptions about dying to self, spelling out the realities of the deadly spiritual battle we all face, providing clear guidelines for making life-and-death choices daily and dealing with how to overcome the emotional struggles that accompany both failure and success.


Bite-sized Bible readings for time-starved teens! Here are 366 faith-building meditations to help your kids connect with God's Word every day. Through selections from the readable HCSB translation, they'll cover the central themes of Scripture in one year. Includes thoughtful quotes, biographical sketches of major Bible characters, "One-Minute Memory" verses, and a topical index.

Have you found a great devotional?    Let me know!!

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Wyatt Earp said...

The one-minute bible looks terrific. I may pick it up for the kids.