Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Tradition Part 1

How do I choose?    Every year I go out the days after Christmas and browse through all the boxed calendars trying to decide which one to buy the boys.       It is part of our New Year's tradition.    The boys get a day by day boxed calendar on New Year's day.    

I normally make my choice based on their current interest or hobby.     A paper airplane, sticker-a-day and Boggle calendars for Little Guy.     Baby Blues, Trivial Pursuit and Hangman calendars for Big Guy.

Then I go to my favorite bookstore to look and there about 247 choices!     So many fun, fun choices.    Well, most of them are fun... some of them are just crazy or out of the question. 

However, I think I finally settled on some calendars which the boys will enjoy.     They are both really hooked on games and especially word games so I chose the following calendars for them:

I also picked up this calendar.    It won't really serve as a calendar per se, but I am going to put it in our car travel box.   It will be a lot of fun when we are in the car or in restaurants.

Although I don't normally buy a calendar for myself, I picked up this one because it has features that really mean something to me now that I am homeschooling.      Every day it has a new quote, new word, new joke, and new events in history.       PLUS, it has a section where I can list my "to do's".          I have a feeling this calendar is going to be one of my favorites for this year.

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Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Neat idea.

Mr. B was hunting high and low for the Dilbert desk calendar, and I found it at Kohl's the other day. It was fun to surprise him with that.