Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Painting For Humanity

Little Guy's best friend called early this morning. His dad is the project coordinator for our local Habitat for Humanity house. They were heading to the project site to get some more work done since we are expecting rain tomorrow. They invited Little Guy to go with them. It was a very cold day so he bundled up and borrowed a pair of work boots from his friend since the house site is very muddy.

When Little Guy got home his face was beaming. Mr. G told me "anytime that Little Guy can go help me I can use him. He works hard and is good at what he does." Mr. G had put Little Guy to work doing the "cutting in" around all the windows and wiring.

My sweet guy has a heart for others. Whether it is painting a Habitat House or raising money for orphans in South Africa, he is ready to help.

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RT said...

My uncle, who was a missionary for 35 years (or more) in South Africa (literally built churches) and the Czech Republic, stated in his Christmas letter that he has been doing work for Habitat and looks forward to doing more. He is around 75. I hope Little Guy has the urge to help and build his entire life. :)