Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Man of His Word

(This book provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishing.)

Moriah's heart will only be safe with A Man of His Word

When Moriah Byler married Levi Miller, she thought they would share a long life together. She is astonished when one day he abruptly leaves the Order, and her along with it. She is hopeful that they'll reconcile, but Levi has a fatal accident. Unbeknownst to him, Moriah is pregnant.

Moriah finds herself alone and unsure where to turn. She’s reticent about trusting her heart to anyone. What Moriah doesn’t know is that Levi’s twin, Gabriel, has loved her for years, but has kept this to himself. Gabriel is a man of his word--and a man of God’s word. After another unexpected tragedy, Moriah must learn to unguard her heart and accept his love so she can be made whole again.

Book Review: The Amish community is very fascinating to me. Their lifestyle. Their culture. Their approach to the Bible. It is a study in contrasts to me. After reading so many books on the Amish culture, I was fascinated to know what would happen in a situation like this.

Of course, there are some situations that are faced in pretty much the same way no matter what religion or culture you are in. Imagine how your life would crumble if your husband leaves for another woman and then is killed in a car accident. To add to the horror, you are pregnant with your first child.

Although I found some situations which would not actually happen in an Amish community, I though this was a wonderful book!

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