Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Buds

Sharkbait and Big Guy.      A lot of time has passed since these two guys met.      They weren't even in preschool yet and were playing Legos and Matchbox cars when Sharkbait's family moved nextdoor.     They were fast friends and have stayed that way ever since.     Not even a move has changed their friendship.  

They have changed a lot since they were three.     Now they are 12 and 13.      When they get together they play video games and hide in their "man cave" (below).       They wouldn't admit it, but they secretly love it when we deliver a tray of hot chocolate and popcorn to them.        We have to be more creative now in the ways we spoil them.      Respecting the young men they are becoming while trying to hold on to the little guys we want them to be.

But... always and forever these will be two special young men.     Smart beyond what I think even they understand.     A bright future that only God knows at this point.     A two sets of parents who love each of them as their own.

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