Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Mystery of the Christmas Cookie

Oh great! I am supposed to bake Christmas cookies, but during the night an "elf" snuck in and messed up my recipe. I called in my detectives to perform some experiments on the mess they left in our kitchen.

There are six bowls with six powders inside, but how do I know which is flour, sugar, baking powder, etc...?      The boys set to work testing them with samples of water, iodine, heat and vinegar.

Their favorite part was testing each sample over the heat (candle flame)...   What is it with boys and fire?

They carefully recorded their observations and results.    (Dr. Wifey would be SO proud!)

Thanks to the boys, we figured out which bowls had the right powders in it so that we were able to make cookies!    Case solved!


Dr. Wifey said...

ah, chemistry in action! my heart just pitter-pattered :)

K Storm said...

Cool chemistry lesson!

Carrie said...

How FUN! I want to do it!! Where can I find instructions??

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Very cool! Goodness knows if baking powder and baking soda were not marked, I could probably not tell them apart! :)

Merry Christmas!

Patti Lacy said...

You THRILL the heart of this former science teacher!
Yes. THRILL it.

Very cool.

Deanna said...

Carrie, I am sending you the instructions!