Thursday, August 7, 2008

1 Down. 179 To Go.

We survived. Barely. The first day of the new school year is over. When the alarm went off this morning we all got out of bed and headed out the door. Yes, me too because I knew that I could not stand sitting in the house fidgeting and fretting the day away. Yesterday, the office staff at Little Guy's school asked if I was available to help them out this morning with the inevitable crush that arrives on the first morning of school. yes, YES. YES! So glad to have something to do to keep me busy.

Little Guy was jumping and ready to go. He was hopping around my bedroom at 7:00 yelling, "Who's ready to party?" He gave me a minute by minute update until we walked out the door. Watch out second grade.... he is sooooo ready!

If looks make the man, Big Guy was a knock out. So handsome on his first day of school. Unfortunately, that calm cool exterior didn't match his quivering interior. Poor guy got his nerves from me. He fought anxiety all day. All those new teachers, new classes, new hallways, and tons of different rules about did him in. He was done in by the time school ended. Middle School is quite a transition.

Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday. There is wisdom in breaking in the school year with a short week. I am already emotionally worn out. Going back to school wears a Mom out!


RT said...

Your little guy sounds like the neatest kid! :) I teach high schools students. I can't say I see enough of that enthusiasm.

Hope the boys have a great year!

Sandi said...

I bet both your guys are going to have a fantastic year. :)

-Bridget said...

Lol! Here's hoping next week settles in some.

Tara @ Feels like home said...

Oh, the first day of school ALREADY. I'm a teacher, and that's painful news. I hope your boys enjoyed it!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Yeah for the first day! ONe week from today for us!!!!

Willow said...

Deanna, middle school is a HUGE adjustment. I hope Big Guy's transition is easier but with both of mine it took about 2 weeks to start to really settle in and feel comfortable. Things we tried to help them: Keep a routine -- you know how kids thrive on it. Make sure there's plenty of down time at the end of the day or even right after school before dinner and homework. This is likely an unpopular view but our middle school is HUGE physically but also incredibly overcrowded so navigating is very hard. I let both of mine know that I didn't care about any tardies for the first week or so. That helped because they were terrified of getting in trouble for that...

Sara said...

Bless his heart!

Deanna said...

RT - God BLESS you for teaching high school. My sister teaches high school too. Oh, man!

Sandi - I would love to take that bet.

Bridget - I hope so too!

Tara - Good luck with your first day and THANK YOU for being a teacher.

Lizzy - It will be here soon!

Willow - Thank you so much. I knew it was going to be an adjustment, but I underestimate how overwhelmed he was going to be.

Sara - Thanks -- just pray for him. I know you will.