Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here I Am To Worship

Even though I am holding an umbrella in my life doesn't mean that I don't have things to praise my God for in my life. Sunday is a day of worship and I am going to focus on doing just that.

*Afer days of unbearable waiting, prayer and preparing for the worst for my friend, the test results for her grandmother came back perfect. Only God!
* My friend Bill's grandmother fell earlier this week. When they went in for surgery they said that her face was "pulverized" and they needed a specialist. When the specialist arrived he said that her face was miraculously healing -- better than a young person's could. Only God!
* Our nephew was born this week. No complications. Perfect. Only God!
* Through the miracle of modern technology, we got a sneak peak at two amazingly perfect twin little girls who will be born in December. Only God!
* My phone rang on Saturday night- the voice on the other end was a friend from high school with the words that would give me the comfort I needed to hear. Thank you for listening to God.
* A smile on a face that hasn't smiled in nearly two weeks. Thank you, God!


Willow said...

Danna, your faith is an amazing testament and testimony. You can't begin to understand how much you're helping me along my own spiritual journey just by you being you. Through all of the challenges for which you need your umbrella right now, I know that God is heaping blessings upon you. I know it. You and your family remain in my prayers -- both for strength for you during your trials and in thanks for the leadership you provide.

And thanks for this video. I had never had heard this group before; and what an amazing introduction.

Carrie said...

What a nice way to honor! Even in darkness, there are always a few little rays of light here and there! I'm happy you are finding them! Thank you for the inspiration, as I needed a little after having a less than perfect night and morning!

Melissa B. said...

What an inspirational post--thank you! BTW, don't forget to Share the Caption Love! It's that time again: Time for the Silly Summer Sunday Sweepstakes--come play along!

Anonymous said...

God is awesome and real. :) Thank you for sharing.