Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dumpster Doug & National Night Out

Dumpster Doug.... That was the nickname I gave to my parent's friend, Doug Arp, who decided to live in a dumpster for a week to promote National Night Out.        Mr. Doug has done some crazy things to promote National Night Out.      

Let's see.    He has lived on top of a billboard, lived in a water fountain, lived covered up in a pit in the ground with just a peek hole for fans to communicate, climbed inside of a car and then had the car hoisted 60 feet up in the air (his escape was to jump down to a air bag)....  all to get people to notice and be aware of National Night Out.      Some may think Mr. Doug is just a daredevil, but he really has a heart for this program.    As a retired Vicksburg police officer, Mr. Arp knows just how important neighborhood programs really are to the safety and protection of our communities.

As you can see from the pic above, the dumpster is your typical Waste Management, six by six dumpster.   Nothing special with the exception of the fact that they had washed it out.    Mr. Arp doesn't leave the dumpster for anything and I mean ANYTHING -- bathroom breaks, showers, sleeping, anything.    He depends on the "community" to provide for him which is what my parents were doing when they took him something cold to drink.
Mr. Arp said that a tarp had been provided to cover his dumpster and a small air conditioner had been given to him because on the first day the sides of the dumpster had gotten so hot you couldn't even touch the sides. 
Every child who visits gets a balloon and gets to try to guess the number of balloons that are stuffed inside the patrol car.      Here is Little Guy trying to count so he can make his guess....

The last thing Mr. Arp asks is that everyone sign his banner.     As you can see.... Mr. Arp (affectionately known as Dumpster Doug) has a lot of fans!

Tonight is National Night Out!     I hope that you will follow Dumpster Doug's example.    Turn on your front porch light!     Make up a gallon of lemonade, sit on your front porch and invite your neighbors over.    As Mr. Arp says, the police can't do it all and we really do need each other!


Kristin said...

re: there are times that my husband and I do just eat this for dinner. If you use lite cream cheese and baked tortilla chips, it's really not all that bad for you.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Dr. Wifey said...

i'm glad they washed the dumpster out first :o)
i will turn my porch lights on tonight for National Night Out

Scarlet O'Kara said...

Dumpster Doug sounds like a fun guy to know. Hope that National Night Out goes well and I will keep the light on too!

Welcome Aboard The Blog Train!

Melissa B. said...

A crazy guy doing a very worthwhile thing! You're a good writer and photographer; you should do a photo essay on Dumpster Doug and send it someplace like People Mag. I'm serious! This is a much more cover-worthy story than Brangelina's Twins! Please drop by when you have the time. I've got an Asbury Park contest going, which is kinda fun! Good prizes, too! :)

The Burger Blog said...

What a creative way to get the community involved. Hope it goes well!

Carrie said...

I went to our NNO tonight at Target. The midget couldn't get enough of the fire truck and flirted like crazy with all the firemen! Such fun!

Supermom said...

ok the not-leaving-the-dumpster-even-to-use-the-bathroom thing has me a little creeped out. =)