Friday, August 1, 2008

Flashback Friday: Mammaw & Pappaw's House

(My aunt sent me some photos that she had found. This one is of me, my middle sister and my cousin. Why I was wearing nothing but my TG&Y panties, I don't know, but I am thinking it was probably summer and we were at my Mammaw's house. You know parents and their cameras. They will take a picture anytime. Ha!)
Mammaw and Pappaw lived in a little house. Three bedrooms. One bathroom. When we would go visit, we three girls would sleep in one bed in the back bedroom. We used to fight over who had to sleep next to the big scary window fan. The fan stayed on during the night to keep the rest of the house cool. I don't know why, but my sister and I were convinced that a boogey man could walk up, stick his hand through that fan opening and grab you.

During the holidays, that little house would be packed to the corners. That back bedroom was ours. All the girls would cram in there. We would play, talk, giggle and even eat. Mammaw would set up the ironing board in front of the bed and we would use that as our table. (Recently on a trip up to visit my aunt, she joked that she started to pull out the ironing board for the girls to eat on "for old time's sake".)

There were lots of other great places to play at Mammaw's house too. Pappaw had huge green apple trees. We would climb those branches as high as our bravery would allow. You had to be smart getting into that apple tree. One wrong move and you would accidentally step on the tin that covered Pappaw's potatoes.

We would walk out under the pine trees and pick up some rocks (or something) that wrote like chalk. Mammaw and Pappaw had the old home foundation from their original home. It was still planted with shrubs and flowers around it. We would play house on that foundation and used those rocks to draw off rooms and furniture. We could play that forever.

The best part of any visit would be going in to eat. My Mammaw was an amazing cook. My Daddy says he still misses her fried apple pies. She made the best butter beans too. We all loved her punch cake -- that is what I call it -- a cake she made and punched holes in and dripped delicious icing in. I remember one time when we were staying with her she made homemade biscuits and homemade syrup.

From Pappaw, I developed a lifelong love of Pepsi Cola. Every morning at 10:00 he would say, "I think I'll have a Pepsi Cola." If we were visiting he would pull out one more and split it for my sister and I. As you can see from the picture, my Pappaw was a tall, thin man. He wasn't much for sugar. He drank milk with all his meals and I never did see him eat but a taste of dessert, but he loved his Pepsi Cola.

Today, that great bed from the back bedroom is at my Mom and Dad's house. I love the way it squeaks and creaks when you sit on it. It reminds me of times spent with my cousins and nights whispering with my sister about how we hoped no one was outside the window.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

What a wonderful post! Aren't memories like that just the sweetest? Can you smell the smell of their house?? I can feel the rough tweed of my grandma's couch on my finger tips even today.

Thank you for sharing these with us, and thank you for sparking a trip down memory lane for my and my grandparents homes... I may just have to blog about it!

Amydeanne said...

sounds like an amazing memeory. I remember sitting with my grandpa drinking coffee and dipping toast.. something I still love to do.

Melissa B. said...

Oh, I LOVE the snaps! You always come up with something that intrigues me...BTW, did you ever drop a roll of Mentos in a Diet Coke? Take a look at the silly video I posted today. This guy's a REAL science teacher!

Deanna said...

Lizzy - I know what you mean. There are certain smells and sounds that take me back to certain places.

Amydeanne - I grew up dipping my toast in hot chocolate. My boys think that is the nastiest thing ever but I STILL love the way it tastes.

Melissa - Yes I have put mentos in diet coke. As a matter of fact, just played a prank where I tied a string around a mento, hid it in the top of the lid, screwed the lid on the diet coke and cut the string off. When my "victim" unscrewed the lid the mento dropped into the diet coke and spewed everywhere!!! Bawahaa!

Willow said...

Aw, Deanna, parts of your childhood sound about as idyllic as parts of mine. We are so BLESSED to have these kinds of memories! And aren't you cute there half-naked? ;-) Those kinds of shots, the naked baby in the bath shots, and the naked baby laying on a quilt -- those are the blackmail shots I hope my kids never find of me!

Supermom said...

such a sweet picture!

Lisa said...

Deanna -- Thanks for choosing a picture of me with my clothes on!! Enjoyed reading the blog! Lisa

Carrie said...

I completely forgot about trying to find rocks to use as chalk! We used to do that all the time! Thanks for bringing that back for me!

boo-hoo I miss my grandma...

p.s. Remember what I said about exhibitionistic tendencies? I guess it started young! haha