Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Savings: Clothing

It is time for back to school shopping and with that comes back to school clothing. I am reassessing and trying to figure out how to make the most of my clothing budget.

1. Before you start your shopping, you should start in your closet. Inventory! Organize to see what you really do and do not have. Pull down those boxes of stored clothes from the attic and look through those too. You may think you remember what you have, but it is always best to double check.
(So if you logged on this morning you realized that I forgot to finish this post. Boy, my brain has been fried lately. Here is the rest of this post. Thanks to all of you who have posted great suggestions on saving money on clothing! Make sure you check the comments.)

2. Set up a swap with friends and family to trade clothes with children who are slightly older than your children. For example: I save my boy's clothing for my friend's little boy. My sister saves my nephew's clothing for me.
3. If you are hooked on certain brand clothing (Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger, etc...), you will save up to 50% by shopping at the outlet stores.
4. Shop end of season. Right now stores are getting rid of summer inventory to make way for fall and school clothing. You can get great bargains on swimwear and beach items for next summer.
5. For new clothing, buy your clothes off season when they are on sale. Stock up on commonly worn items (t-shirts, underwear, jeans) when they are on clearance.
6. Buy versatile clothing that can be used in more than one outfit, black slacks can be worn with different jackets and tops or shirts. When buying clothing that you wear a lot, it often pays to buy quality brands that will hold up to frequent wear.
7. Sell clothing that you no longer use at a consignment store or a garage sale. Clean out your closet at the end of every season. Use the money you earn to buy new clothing.
8. Donate used clothing to charities for tax deductions.
9. Don't "kill time" in clothing stores or you may buy things you don't need. (This was directed at me!)
10. When shopping, have a definite plan and stick to it.
11. Buy men's suits & coats in February, April, November & before Christmas.
12. Buy women's winter coats & suits in November.
13. Buy men's shirts, socks and underwear before Father's Day in June.
14. Remember that high price does not necessarily mean good quality.
15. If you cannot find what you want, go home without it.


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

consignment sales for fall clothes are going on! the one at the northpointe barn was about a week or two ago. the kids emporium will be this next week.

i always get mary peyton's fall things at these sales - around here you can wear short sleeves (ALMOST) all year long, so i don't buy any wintery stuff until this time of year - and i shop consignment stores (i.e. leapfrog, merry go round) and the consignment sales.

just my thoughts!

great post!!!

Willow said...

We have always shopped in one another's closets -- my stepdaughters and me, the 3 boys and their dad. Let's face it, we all buy stuff that we end up not wearing because we don't like how it looks on us or it doesn't fit right or whatever. I always loved free shopping like that, especially when you find things in one another's closets that you had forgotten the other person even had!

It was tres cool because I had (still have) the smallest shoe size (the only thing about me that is small!) so nobody ever got to borrow my shoes! :: wicked evil laugh ::

Dr. Wifey said...

Old Navy has kids jeans for $7 and adult jeans for $12 TODAY ONLY!!!!

Deanna said...

Are you guys too polite to say "Hey, Deanna, you posted before you actually finished this?" Ha! I am really fried lately!!

Deanna said...

Thanks for all the great tips. I love shopping consignment for the boys and I plan to hit Old Navy today!

K Storm said...

Great suggestions. I have been cleaning out the kids clothes for consignment this week. That allows me to buy them some nice stuff later.

And I do spend a little more on something like pants...Ann Taylor Loft usually has some great ones that fit well...and then I just wear 'em till they give out.

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

oh - speaking of buying things at the end of the season -

a friend of mine who worked at the gap said that even things on sale, keep an eye on. if it ends in $--.99, they are going to reduce it again. if it ends in $--.97 or $--.47, it's the final price. the "7" is what you're looking for!

this keeps me from buying something just b/c it's on sale.

Veggie Mom said...

These are all great tips. And I have another one--if you have teenage daughters, encourage them to shop at thrift stores. Lots of that "vintage" stuff only costs a couple of dollars and is quite fashionable these days!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

Great ideas!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

Sarah said...

One beautiful word: uniforms! Love them.