Friday, August 15, 2008

Made in China

You know how addicted I am to the Olympics.     I am glued to the television for every Olympic event.   I have even converted to watching the Today Show in the morning just to hear Olympic tidbits.   (That is a big change since I am not a big fan of Matt or Meredith.)

I must admit that if I were an Olympic competitor I would not be happy about being in China.     I am one that sees the tag "Made in China" on everything here in America and just cringes.     

Watching the Olympics has not improved my feelings?     For every amazing athlete, there has been a disappointing "fake".

Opening ceremony fireworks -- It didn't happen at the Olympics.   It was all fake and added digitally for the viewing of foreign audiences.
Fake singer - How sad is it that they thought that precious little girl wasn't "cute" enough to sing the song for the opening ceremony?
Atmosphere - Do you seriously think that what we are seeing on television is "mist"?   It is POLLUTION!
City - China went so crazy trying to modernize Beijing that critics are saying that many of the historic neighborhoods have been destroyed.
Athletes - There are age limits on events in the Olympics, but the Chinese are skirting that rule by several years.   It has been proven several times.    The IOC's response?    Oh, well!    
Freedoms - Have you seen the video of the reporter being arrested for trying to cover a protest?   
Politics - It is a communist country!    I still am appalled that we would even dignify China by selecting them to host the Olympics.
I am so proud to be an American.    Go USA! and when you shop please buy "Made in America" products!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

It's such a condundrum... I don't agree with the Chinese government, but I'm not sure I would want to take it all away from the Chinese PEOPLE... know what I mean??

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

My heart sank when I found out where the Olympics were going to be held. I dislike China so much, and was even more in stampede when I watched the Dateline NBC report on how they love taking our jobs away. It is sicking... REALLY

Oh yeah because I heart you so much... I tagged you have to do some meme's.. go to my page for the info :)

Dr. Wifey said...

don't forget about the fake rivers that were dug for the kayaking events and water features, etc. that divert water from natural rivers, and the poor farmers' crops are suffering! and all the people who are out of work because construction was halted due to the pollution problem! uuuurrrrr!!!

Sissy said...

I am so glad you commented on my blog and that I popped over. You have the cutest blog! I think I looked at that scrapbook kit when I picked mine out, but I could not imagine it all put together. Yours looks great.

I love the Olympics. Always have. If you read a couple past posts, you'll see. But, I agree that I would not like to be in China. NBC is doing a good job showing tidbits of the life of normal Chinese people, but some of the rules the Chinese have skirted made me mad. Especially in gymnastics. And that smog...I don't know how the outdoor athletes are breathing!

Thanks for letting me sit on my soapbox. I'll get off now.

USpace said...

GO America! Great piece, thinking about China being given the Olympics really is maddening. At least more people will be talking sooner rather than later about how there are really two very different Chinas in one.
Maybe in the future it will be in Saudi Arabia or Venezuela.
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Supermom said...

well said!!

Sandi said...

I know how you feel ... I don't usually follow any sport, but if it's happening on the Olympics, it's worth watching. The best athletes in the world, competing against each other. What's not to love?

-Bridget said...

I've been to China and seen firsthand the manipulation, the deceit, the apathy, the sorrow. It's very frustrating to see China have such a strong political hand at the poker table these days. They have never played fair and never will.