Monday, August 11, 2008

Andy - "The Plan"

As soon as Andy's pancreas and lung issues have been resolved 100%, he will be moving to the Veteran's Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center at the James Haley Veteran's Hospital in Tampa, Florida. This is an intensive rehab program that is designed especially for soldiers with spinal cord injuries. He will be in this rehab program for about 4-6 weeks and then he will be moving to Dallas for his "long haul" rehab.

Even though there are still concerns about Andy's lungs and pancreas, they are still reporting victories in the areas of mobility and with movement of his arms.

Sarah says that Andy is watching a lot of Olympics in between his therapy. Go USA!


mindi said...

Andy is still in my prayers. Olympics are wonderful, aren't they??

Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to pray for him. :)

From the Doghouse said...

Hope he's able to get more victories.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Still praying for him, he has been through so much.