Thursday, August 21, 2008

Through It All

Two weeks ago today I woke up and life just changed. Sometimes it just happens like that. Your phone rings. Someone knocks on your door. A car crashes. A doctor walks through the door. Whatever the moment, your life is changed.

I don't know what you do in moments of crisis but my instinct is to run. Run to my Daddy. Ask him to make it better. Run to my husband and ask him to hold me. Run to my God.

My God... He has been infinitely patient with me these past two weeks. I have whispered so many questions and requests in his listening ear. I have soaked his comforting shoulders with tears. I have beat on his broad chest as I asked "Why? Why?". I have wrapped my arms around his waist and asked him to hold me when I ran out of strength. Some moments have even found me hiding behind his knees like a little scared child. I have grasped His strong hand through every minute of the day and allowed Him to lead me like the Savior that He is.

Through each and every situation His grace has been sufficient for me. His love has been strong and tender all at the same time.

I know that the road ahead of us is still long, but it gives me great comfort to know that He is walking right beside me.


Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

Deanna what every you are going through I will pray for you. Sometimes God see fit that people have to carry a cross before they find salvation, and your blog is excellently written. Very nice that you have found God to be your rock. AMEN

mayberry said...

I don't know where I'd be without God's faithfulness. I will be remembering you in my prayers.

From the Doghouse said...

I'm sorry for whatever's troubling you - but I'm glad you're not alone.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Big hugs sweetie.

There's a VERY old Amy Grant song that I pull out sometimes...

Lay down the burdens of your heart
I know you'll never miss it
Show your Daddy where it hurts
And let your Daddy lift it.

Sharon said...

I am sooo sorry for whatever you are going through, I am glad that you are crying out to him, he is by your side. Even though I don't know whats going on, I can share the pain you must be feeling right now. I lost my brother Jan. 1st do to a terrible accident, tomorrow is his birthday, My mother and I are so sadden. I pray God to lift you and comfort you, help you find peace. God Bless you my Sister in Christ.
I am sorry!

Carrie said...

I just shut off...When my brother-in-law told my sister and I my Dad had died suddenly, I looked at my sister and thought, oh my gosh, that's so sad her dad died. It took me a while to remember that her Dad was my Daddy.

I also question God for a good long time instead of leaning on him, so good for you!! I am still praying for you...

K Storm said...

I pray that everyone would have that relationship with their Heavenly Daddy.

Sarah said...

...Two weeks ago today I woke up and life just changed. Sometimes it just happens like that. Your phone rings. Someone knocks on your door. A car crashes. A doctor walks through the door. Whatever the moment, your life is changed....

...A sniper takes a shot.
I know that feeling.
Prayers for your heart today, my friend.
He is always faithful.

Veggie Mom said...

Do you ever listen to old hymns? The Old Rugged Cross is one of my favorites. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, sometimes I sit down at the piano and play the old standards.

Stacy said...

To run into the arms of our Abba...our Daddy whose lap is always open for His Children and whose arms are always ready to embrace us and draw us in, held tightly. You are held right now and always in His mighty and strong arms. He will see you through...whatever road lies ahead.

Deanna said...

Confessions - All other ground is sinking sand!

Mayberry - As hard as it is to go through life sometimes, I just can't imagine facing it without my wonderful Lord.

Doghouse - Your support is neverending.

Lizzy - I don't remember that one... I will have to search for that one.

Sharon - My heart will be with you tomorrow.

Carrie - No matter how you think you will react you never know until you are there. I am so glad accepts us no matter the reaction.

K - Me too!

Sarah - If anyone knows the depth of pain I am experiencing, it would be you. Even though we aren't going through the same experience, both of our hearts are being shredded still. I am still praying for Andy all day every day.

Veggie - I love sitting down at the piano and playing like you. It is the old hymns that give me comfort.

Stacy - I love my Papa God!

HEATHER said...

Thinking of you and will add you to my prayer list.
God Bless!

Felicia said...

You are always in my thoughts.I wish I could do more. God knows you held my hand through a surgery and many uncertain times.