Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Word of the Day: Specificity

When at Saddleback, Obama couldn't answer the question, "When does life begin?" but as this video clearly shows he hasn't always had such a problem answering that question. While Obama found it "above his pay grade" to answer this question, it is ironic to me that it isn't above his pay grade to strongly back a woman's right to have an abortion or support the Freedom of Choice Act.

In Obama's book he states that he believes that "all roads leads to heaven." This is the simplest description of universalism and ultimately heresy. As a Bible believing Christian, watching the Saddleback debate only more firmly entranced my belief that Obama is definitely NOT the person to be the next president.

Open the eyes of our heart, Lord.


Staci said...

You know, I try not to be judgemental, because i know that is what God would have me do, but it is sooo dang hard to like someone who supports abortion. It is a disgusting practice to me. It breaks my heart. I am with ya!!! I have gotten to the point where I have just given it to the Lord. He is in control. He knows the outcome of the election, and where this will take our country. And I have faith that no matter what obama or mccain choose to do he will make good come from it.

Anyway, surfed from the hott tub!!

Jaime said...

I suppose McCain, leaving his wife after her accident for a twentysomething heiress, is a better example of "family values".

Anyone with two beautiful girls like theirs has to hate the practice as well, which I agree is truly awful. That's why he wants to make it as rare as possible through health services and birth control education, which is why there are so many fewer teen pregnancies than there were 10 or 15 years ago. making it illegal, even for victims of sexual violence, just means the practice is less safe when it goes underground. We need to care for women in that situation and help them find alternatives, not shame and hurt them further.

Sandi said...

Deanna, abortion is abominable. It's murder, and absolutely should not be tolerated in a civilized nation. Human life is sacred, and we shouldn't be so cavalier with it.

I probably shouldn't open this door, but what is your stance on unprovoked war? And the death penalty? Are not those lives just as important, just as sacred to God?

HEATHER said...

God Bless you honey! That is a great video.
What all of the sheep don't seem to realize it that their "messiah" Obama only has 143 DAYS of Senate Experience before deciding to run for President. Our world is too dangerous for someone with no experience to try and learn on the the job.
And Biden the baffoon is not going to help him either. A plagerizing racist baffoon. Did you hear what he said about going into a 7-11? That is horrid!!
The war was not unprovoked, Saddam refused to allow UN weapons inspectors into the country. Amnesty International reported on Saddam's atrocities on a regular basis. He raped and robbed that country of their resources, and kept all of the money for himself, and did not set up any utilities for the country. Those citizens live in awful conditions. He would not even use that money to equip the schools. The schools have dirt floors. If you don't believe it go to http://www.operationiraqichildren.org/
He killed a million or more Kurdish people. His sons regularly rounded up women to rape and torture. The son who ran the national soccer team, would imprison and break the legs of the players when they lost a match.
So if some people need to salve their choice of inexperienced Obama by telling themselves that the war was unprovoked, more power to them, but they are lying to themselves.
Sorry for taking over your blog with a rant Deanna.

Felicia said...

Political opinions definitely divide people however, I am one to have an open mind. I also cannot stand personal attacks but that seems to happen all the time, every where. I think people in glass houses should be careful of throwing stones. There are 3 branches of government and it would be wonderful for everyone to work together.

I hate the fact that Barak Obama has been dubbed "their messiah".I'm not sure what that means.

I could go on....but I wont.

HEATHER said...

By their "messiah", I meant the media, and the democratic party. If you notice I did not put "their" in quotations-you did Felicia. Obama has been treated by the media like he is the second-coming. He is sadly unqualified to even be a senator, much less the commander in chief.

Felicia said...

Everyone has an opinion and everyone has a vote.

Deanna said...

That is fine, Heather, you rant away because you won't be hearing those types of facts in the media.

Do I think that we have a good choice in this presidential election? No. Both of our choices are men. Men are human and fallible.

However, when I compare the two men (with all of their faults), Obama falls way short. Scriptures say that all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. What I want to know is what God these men are serving and that is where I draw my line. Obama's line is MORE than a little blurry it is downright sketchy considering the fact that many of his U.S. Senate staffers are members of the Nation of Islam.

Anonymous said...

That answer just riled me up. I cannot believe how hesitant he was to answer it. Meh.

Carrie said...

Oh criminy...I don't have time for this. haha so I will shorten it into blips everyone can understand.

Abortion is evil

Obama is inexperienced and a socialist

Liberty and freedom rock

People clearly do not understand Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, terrorism, or the economy

I am so tired, Deanna. I will put up a better fight later, okay?

Carrie said...

p.s. you are friggin funny with your last comment on my blog. I heart you for making me giggle...