Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Introductions and French Kissing

In just one moment, hub's little brother changed from "baby brother" to daddy when we welcomed our newest member of the family to the world.      Cute!   Cute!        Lucas Daniel and his sweet Mom are doing great.      His Dad has a major case of "new daddy" protectiveness, (passing out hand sanitizer and showing seasoned parents how to hold the baby), but he will mellow out -- maybe.    

Welcome to the family, Luke!    One of the greatest things about becoming a parent is discovering just how much God loves us. We only thought we knew before children.   Seeing Him through our children's eyes is a whole new discovery.
Tonight we went to meet Little Guy's second grade teacher.      I was the only one with a case of nerves.     This is the person who is going to be responsible for my son for the next 180 days.     It is a big deal to me.    Little Guy seemed very pleased with his teacher.      She seemed very sweet and he is now officially ready for the first day of school.      
Little Guy with his teacher, Mrs. Rives
There was lots of conversation going on in the car.      Hubs and I were chatting and the boys were chatting.     It totally caught our attention when Little Guy announced that he knew about french kissing.
"Oh, really?    How do you french kiss?"
"Well, Mom,  you just kiss with your mouth open.    Let your tongues touch and then do a body slam.    That is french kissing."
"Interesting description.    Who told you about french kissing?"
"A (my 14 year old nephew) told me all about it."    (Hey, sis!   Hear that?   A is a barrel of information.   Thanks!)
When I dropped the boys off to pick my car up hubs was picking on me.  
Parting words:  "You better leave me alone or I won't body slam you tonight."


Carrie said...

Body slam--that's friggin hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I could use a body slam....sorry...it was just there.

Little Luke is beautiful! Great name, too.

Little guy has some pretty cute dimples, too. You just reminded me that I start back to school in a few weeks. *whimper*

Stephanie said...

Where did he get the body slam from? That is so funny!

And isn't it interesting that no matter where in the nation a baby is born they always have that same blanket?!

Felicia said...

Love the new baby smell, try to stay away from it though...pulls at the heart strings.I agree,those hats and blankets have been around for a while, Alyssa had the same combo almost 11 yrs ago.
Deanna, T is a mess! I love the things he says. I will have to mention that to E when he comes home from his business trip.

Dr. Wifey said...

cute baby. i LOVE the name Luke! that Little Guy is something for sure, too funny!

Sara said...

That is hilarious. Tell Tanner thanks so much for his comment. Addison does have the best daddy in the whole world and he means the world to her.

HEATHER said...

Oh my goodness!! Body-Slam, that is too funny!!

Stacey said...

Alternate post title: Why 14-year-old boys cannot be trusted for sex ed. Body slam??? Maybe that's how the French do it...