Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Calm in the Storm

I watched the storms move across the state during the night, so when the tornadoes moved into our area I was prepared. When the sirens went off at 4:00 this morning, we went to get the boys up. They met us in the hallway with their blankets headed to our "safe" spot.

As we all settled in, sleepy and ready to wait out the sirens, I looked around at my guys and said, "Is this family time?"

Donald replied, "No, this is sleepy time."

Tanner looked at us and said, "Actually, this is prayer time."

Calm in the storm.


Felicia's Shelf said...

Leave it to Tanner to be the wise voice. We experienced those storms as well. Alyssa and I sure didn't want to go out into the rain for school this morning.

Deanna said...

Going to school is bad enough, but going in the rain is really bad!