Friday, March 14, 2008


On the whiteboard I wrote, "Describe one nice thing that you could do for someone that they would never find out about." It was the journaling prompt that the teacher had left for this class to write about for the day. A few seconds later, a girl brought me her journal with her example of a R.A.K. "If the girl next to me had the wrong answer, I would change it for her so she could make a 100 on the test." I gently explained how that was also cheating and asked her to rethink her answer. I began walking around the room and saw that a lot of the answers had her same "ethically" challenged issues.

As I looked out over the classroom of faces, I could tell that they were stumped. I asked them to put down their pencils and we talked about about 15 minutes about what it means to perform random acts of kindness. For about 90% of the class, this was truly a very foreign concept.

As the students settled in to write I prayed for each of them.

This is just one small example of "how white the fields are unto harvest." Our churches need to realize that we need to get into the schools. There is a HUGE mission field in Madison County and it lies right inside the walls of the public school system. Literally 1,000's of children are starving to death for the love of Jesus. My heart is burdened for these precious children and I am praying for a church that will feel the same way.


K Storm said...

I never realized how much a need there was until my daughter started school. There is a huge opportunity to give them a glimpse of the love of Christ by getting involved.

Deanna said...

When I walk through the hallways of either of the boy's schools, I am hugged literally to pieces. So many of these kids are starved for love. Their home life is something that would shock a lot of people.