Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Perfect Saturday Morning

Tanner thinks that heaven has come to earth! He woke up to snow for the second time this year. You would think it was a blizzard instead of the light dusting with the amount of snowballs they have made this morning. It is amazing what you can do when your motivation is planning a sneak attack on your big brother who is spending the night over at a friend's house.

When a quick call over to the friend's house revealed that they were a bunch of party poopers -- the whole house was still asleep. So to Plan B -- Snow Art! Donald and Todd discovered that throwing the snowballs against the fence left snow prints. So they had a lot of fun making a work of art against the fence.

I'm watching the best television show on earth. The view out my living room while sipping hot chocolate and sitting in front of a roaring fire. This is what I call a perfect Saturday morning.

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