Monday, March 31, 2008

Political "Survivor"

If you are a fan of Survivor you know that the contestants approach playing the game with a certain amount of lying, deception and trickery. It just seems to be understood to make it to the final tribal challenge.

I am beginning to think that politicans play by the same rules. Their goal is to be elected and they approach the "game" with their own sets of rules.

That is why I don't mind applying my own set of rules when they call me to ask who I am going to vote for in the elections. First of all, I think it is rude to ask who you are going to vote for in an election. I don't mind you asking for my vote, but to ask outright who I am going to vote for seems to be somewhat obnoxious and conceited. It is almost like you are daring me to say someone else's name.

So when I receive a phone call and they ask me who I am voting for in the 3rd District election, I had so much fun. The conversation went like this:

"Maam, I am calling to remind you to vote. May I ask who you intend on voting for in tomorrow election?"

"Of course not! I intend to vote for Charlie Harper."

"Ummm, maam, I think you are confused."

"Oh, did I say Charlie Harper? I meant Greg Ross!"


At this point I just say, "Thanks for calling and reminding me to vote in the presidential election!"

If you see me at the poles, just wave! I may be crazy... just crazy enough to vote! I hope you are too!

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K Storm said...

I like that tactic. I thought about asking them if I voted for their candidate would the first thing on the agenda be to author a bill limiting the number of telephone solication calls that are made during an election by candidates running for office.