Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Memory Bible

I have two Bibles. One is for Tanner and one is for Todd. They are very simple Bibles, but hopefully they will be very special Bibles. I don't know what to call them except memory Bibles. When I was pregnant with the boys I asked our parents to pick our Scriptures of "blessing" for our boys. That is the first Scripture that I marked in the boy's memory Bible. Out in the margin I wrote why that is marked.

When Todd was two, he was healed from leukemia. Our church laid hands on Todd the day before he went back to Blair E. Batson. Scripture is underlined in Todd's Bible to memorialize that event in his life and it is journaled for him.

My hope is that by the time they graduate from high school and leave home, I will have a Bible full of events underlined and journaled in these memory Bibles. When they leave home they will have a tangible reminder of all the times in their lives that God has been with them, protecting them, blessing them and guiding them and how He will always be there.


K Storm said...

I love this idea. We need to put this on the mom blog.

Deanna said...

O.K. with me.