Friday, March 28, 2008


Waking my boys up in the morning is one of the simple joys of life. They are completely opposites in the way they wake up, but starting the day with the two of them is an amazing experience.

When I step through Tanner's door, his eyes are instantly open and a smile spreads across his face. Then he squeezes his eyes shut, with the smile still plastered across his face waiting for me to "wake" him up. I kneel to his bed and barely get my "Good morning" out of my mouth before he starts giggling and wraps his arms around my neck. After plenty of hugs and kisses, I pry him out of bed and go to wake up Todd.

Waking up Todd takes an entirely different approach. He is not a morning person so I usually crawl up onto the bed with him and start rubbing his back. He groggily rolls over and throws his covers over me and wraps his arms around my neck. His first words are always, "Let's stay this way all day." Every day, it is tempting.

These days won't last forever, but while they are here I intend to enjoy every moment. They are the best pay check a Mom could ever receive.

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