Monday, March 24, 2008

A Priceless Discovery

I discovered some photos that I thought I had lost. I took this one of Tanner when he was three years old. We had gone to Martinson's Garden Center to buy some mums for our porch. He loved exploring all the flowers, pumpkins, and decorative accessories. I loved snapping photos of him as he explored.

Tanner was just beginning to read when this photo was taken so I remember that we stopped at every sign. He would ask me, "What does p-u-m-p-k-i-n spell?" or does "P-r-i-c-e spell price?" Those beginning reading days passed by so quickly. Tanner was never one who liked for me to read to him. He wanted to read the book by himself. Even when he couldn't read the words he wanted to read the pictures and make up his own words. If he did let me read to him I had to point out every word to him as I read. He only tolerated it if he thought he was making progress in learning to read himself.

Now as I sit and watch him read I wonder where he will be five, ten, fifteen years from now. Where is God leading him? What are the plans that God has for him and Todd?
I want to be just as diligent in teaching him about God and putting him on the right path for his life as I was in trying to teach him to read. God, be my guide!

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