Monday, March 3, 2008

Cooking Up A Storm

I love to cook, bake, whatever... Once I get started I can't seem to stop. Yesterday when we got home from church I pulled out some chicken and before lunch was ready I had made pecan crusted chicken, poppy seed chicken and started a lemon bundt cake. As soon as lunch was over and the kitchen was cleaned, I started all over with a "really good chocolate cake" (the name of the recipe -- not mine).

This morning I got up and the baking bug had not subsided. After I got supper started in the crock pot, I started putting together a Char pecan pie. My friend mentioned the other day she really wanted some of my sausage cheese muffins so I am pretty sure I am going to make those too. I just made icing for the cakes I made yesterday and started browsing my cook books.

By the time I finish, this weather front may be moving in this afternoon. Yep... I think I am cooking up a storm!!

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