Saturday, March 29, 2008

Racing To The Finish

For nearly a week our boys have been working diligently on their RA Racer cars. The cars are their own creation and design. Donald bought them a Dremel tool last year so they could shave, shape and create them to be what they wanted them to be. They carve out the underside to put in their weights. They sand them to a smooth finish before they put on their chosen paint color. Great thought is put into their theme.
This year was Tanner's first year to participate and he wanted an American themed car. Todd decided to have a Navy themed car in honor of Flight 19 which went down in the Bermuda Triangle. He read about it in a book in Pathways at school.
The race was last night at church and it is something that our entire family enjoys. It is such a fun night of eating, visiting with friends and watching the races.
Our boys both brought home awards and a heart full of memories.

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