Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Love In Any Language

When the storm came through the other night our sweet little Kit Kat got hurt. As she is an outside cat, we started calling for her to come home as soon as we got home from school. We knew that she would be reluctant since the weather was warm and she really has no interest in being inside unless it is really cold. However, when it started raining we were surprised that she didn't show up to stay dry. We kept calling and calling. Once when the boys went out to call and check I heard a panicked voice say, "Mom, she's hurt!!!"

They quickly picked her up, but it was obvious she was in pain. I grabbed a towel and wrapped her up to get her warm and check her over. We realized that her front leg was injured and swelling. By 11:30 it was very swollen and she was crying in pain. Our hero, Donald, put her in the van and drove her downtown to the Animal ER. They treated her, gave her antibiotics and a shot for pain.

Since then she has been in the house recovering. She can't put any weight on her leg and she is quite miserable.

It has been quite a while since we have had a pet and I had forgotten how well they communicate. She "talks" very well and understands us very completely. Some people may think this is crazy, but it is very true. This morning I tried to coax her outside to take care of business as she has no concept of how to use a litter box. She stood in the door and meowed until I promised not to shut the door. When she came back I shut the door and she snuggled a thank you against my foot.

Kit Kat loves the boys and loves to sleep at their feet, but jumping on their bed has not been an option. Late last night she wanted to go sleep with Todd. She meowed and I followed her thinking she needed to go outside but she went half way down the hall. She stopped and meowed to make sure I was following her. When she was sure she went and stood at the foot of Todd's bed. She looked at me with one small mew that said, "A little help, please?"

After I gently put her on the foot of his bed, she curled up against his legs and started to go to sleep, but not before she gave me "kitty kiss" on my hand.

I think my friend Julie may be right. It may be a tough sell to convince her to go back outside after she gets well.

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